Friday, October 12, 2007

sleep training, part 2

well, i tried the crying it out method, and he cried for an hour. i started at 8:38 and went in every 5 minutes, his last whimper was around 9:32. from everything i've heard it takes 3 days and it gets easier after the first day, but you have to be consistent.
there in lies my problem. i was ready to be consistent. i talked about it with my hubby and i thought we were on the same page. he said he was going to support me. unfortunately for me, he lied. as soon as aidan woke up this morning at 1:17 and hubby realized that i wasn't going in there (i needed to give him 5 minutes, right?) he went in there and picked him up. i asked him to lay aidan back down, and to let him cry for 5 minutes. after 3 minutes hubby couldn't take it and went back in. then we had a "discussion".
i wont go into the details, but he says he cannot support me in this sleep training method because he thinks it will permanently "hurt" aidan. (of course he didn't phrase it like that). i told him that this was what i had decided to do after a lot of reseach (i wonder how much research he's done) and that if he didn't want to do it my way, HE could do it his way. which means everytime aidan wakes up hubby has to get up with him and rock him. (it's now 1:55 and aidan is crying in hubby's arms, what's the difference? arg!!!)
i'm at my wits end. i can no longer function well when i'm not getting a decent night's sleep. how i train aidan to sleep when my hubby doesn't support me? what in the world can i do now? am i doomed to have to rock aidan asleep forever? arg, i guess i should be sleeping now that hubby thinks he can do it better than me, goodnight!

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