Saturday, June 30, 2007

what you need to know before you go shopping

i'll be updating this post as i post over on the jocole blog, so go visit.
i'm re-publishing some older pieces that i originally wrote here and will be adding more to them, so go see how you can dress without losing yourself. it discusses figure types, which is information you need to know. you should not go shopping without reading this series.
not sure how to make the most of your figure? check out figure flattery 101 for more tips.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Video - Aidan Connor

another video for your viewing pleasure. this was from today, he was in such a good mood.

check the box already!!! UPDATED

laura over at organizing junkie has pointed out that there is a box on your blogger profile that everyone needs to check.

laura says this: "Really I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner! You see all this time whenever I check my email I always get so excited when I see comment notifications with the commentor's email address included. I really really love this because it is so quick and easy to hit reply and say hello. For the life of me though I couldn't figure out why only some commentor email addresses showed up and why others said "noreply-comment(at)" It has been bothering me forever and now they mystery has been solved. "
please check the box, it makes it soooo much easier to correspond with people when they leave comments. i've had my box checked for awhile and it get responses to my comments on other blogs, so now i ask you readers, go to your profile and check to see if your box is checked.
thanks to lisa who asked for more clarification, so for those of you who need step-by-step instructions here you go:
(1)go to your dashboard, (2)click on "edit profile" (hint the link will be under your picture on the upper-righthand corner of your screen). under the heading of "privacy" you'll find the option of "show my email address" (third one down) and then you (3)check the box.
go on, do it already, i'll wait ... no seriously it's as easy as 1.2.3... i promise i wont send you chain letters or flowery forwards, please please please ... go now!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

YTT - "how to lose a guy" rory and logan style

i've decided i'm going to post youtube videos every thursday. hence the title, YTT: youtube thursday.
ok i love gilmore girls, as i previously expressed, this is a funny spoof on "how to lose a guy in 10 days" using clips from rory and logan, it's actually edited very well. those crazy fans.

If you have a youtube video you'd like to share with Bloggityville, please leave your link below.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WFMW - organizing jewelry

it's wednesday, and every wednesday shannon at rocks in my dryer hosts a carnival called "works for me wednesday" where people blog about tips that work for them. i love reading the tips but have never posted one of my own -- until today.
we just moved and i've been in the process of trying to make sure that i keep everything organized after i unpack it. i *hate* jewelry boxes. i love wearing necklaces, but when i put them in the box they get all tangled and it drives me nuts. so after i was putting together some cubes for our office and had some grids left over i had an epiphany. i got out 2 3m command adhesive wall hooks and voila! hooked all my necklaces on it, see for yourself, it works for me.

Monday, June 11, 2007


"if i had any part of you in me ... i would not have needed to marry you to become a complete person. ... that is the desire of the soul. because the soul is made of light and dwells in air, it is that part which conceives and keeps ideas, especially the idea of the self. the husband longs for his whole self, which was made of the husband and the wife together. thus he never believes any of his own thoughts, because there is always a question in his mind to which his wife's thoughts were the only possible answer. thus the whole world seems dead to him because he cannot trust anything to keep its meaning before the onslaught of this unanswerable question."

-Xenocide, by Orson Scott Card page 4

if you've never read anything by orson scott card, stop reading this post now and go to and order "ender's game" right now. i'll wait. you can get it for $0.75 +s&h. and it's soooooo worth it. "xenocide" is the third book in the series, it comes after "speaker for the dead" and before "children of the mind". although i recommend reading "ender's shadow" and then all the shadow books before continuing on to read the books directly after "ender's game". seriously, the best books EVER. ok, sorry i'm going back to my reading now.

and i just found out, orson scott card is in the works of a comic book about ender as well

Sunday, June 10, 2007

gilmore girls parody

ok i love gilmore girls, as i previously expressed, but this is just hillarious. i don't watch madtv and if you don't watch it either than you probably haven’t seen the Gilmore Girls parody they did in episode 914 (February 7, 2004) called "Gabmore Girls":

Friday, June 08, 2007

our house, in the middle of the street

i'll try to get a real post put together, it's been hard because all my freetime is trying to get our house settled. i try to busy myself unpacking boxes whenever aidan is sleeping or happy playing by himself.
here is the house

come on in
oh wait, robby wont let me invite friends over until all the boxes are unpacked. (don't you like how you can see boxes in the window on the left???)
but aidan and i are enjoying the madness.
actually the living room is basically done. my goal is to have the main living scapes (where visitors visit) done by the end of next week. wish me luck! and i really don't want to post pictures until we get some window coverings going on. tomorrow we are going to ikea to see what we can see, rob's mom is going to babysit aidan, wish us luck!!

Aidan talking and smiling - Video

please enjoy this video, i'll try to catch him when he's talking and smiling more. this one is SOOOOOOOOOOOO old. but whenever i get the camera in his face he gets serious and just studies it -- so its hard to get him to smile, much less talk. anyways, enjoy