Monday, October 23, 2006

quick survey

the jocole team has been furiously working on expanding our products line and we want to know what *you* want. you can influence what products jocole carries.

please take a minute or two and complete the survey in the link below:

any other additional comments or suggestions can be emailed directly to Jocole at:

we plan to continue introducing products and color options, if you have a product or a color that you would like to see on our website,, please contact us.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

excuses excuses

sorry it's been forever people. luckily my last post was very entertaining.
here are some excuses on what's been keeping me busy, in no particular order...
- church calling - being the 2nd counselor in the young womens organization keeps me busy sundays and tuesdays
- work - keeps me busy monday through friday, 9 am through 5 pm
- baby - holy moley ... the kicking, the doctor's appointments, the eating - plus i finally got the crib and other baby things, which meant i had to clean out the "office" (aka the black pit, which means a room just full of random boxes that we never unpacked -- required a trip to ikea for some $30 bookshelfs) (heck yea, full bookshelfs for only $30.00 awesome!!!)
- business - i've been working on trying to do a complete overhaul on my website (, get some more shirts manufactured in more colors for those customers out there who are wanting more, draft some patterns for more designs (yup you heard it here first, we're planning more tops, pants and skirts) be prepared, i'm planning on posting some sketches here, i want feedback people to see what ya'll want.
- random projects - my boss has "hired" me to make a costume for her daughter. i had to draft the pattern basically from scratch, and now i still need to do the fitting shell and then sew the finished garment. so far it is still only on paper. good thing i know she'll pay me for all the hours that are going to go into this. i'm thinking of asking her to trade the costume for her bernina, think she'll go for it? i hope so, hopefull i rack up enough hours to make it worth her while. i'm so tired of my sewing machine (which actually needs to go to the shop right now...)
plus somewhere in the midst of all of this randomness i need to spend time with my husband, watch some gilmore girls, and spend some girly time with friends. blogging has just fallen behind. sorry people.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

job security

i recently learned something interesting and i thought that i would share it with all of you. have you ever wondered how the tooth fairy got her job, or why she still -- after all these years -- has a job. yeah, i've never wondered about that either, but my 4 year old neice has wondered about her job security. the story was related to me by my sister and it has to be the funniest thing that i've heard in a LONG time. this is how the conversation plays out in my head.
sister: blah, blah, blah, and then we stick the tooth under our pillows and the tooth fairy comes and takes it and leave us money.
hannah: why does the tooth fairy want our teeth?
sister: hmm, i dont know, what do you think?
hannah: why does she pay us for our teeth?
sister: hmm, i dont know, what do you think?
hannah: well, i think it's because her teeth always fall out, and she can't keep them in her mouth...
sister: wow, that's interesting.
hannah: ... and you can't eat dinner or talk without teeth. the tooth fairy likes to eat dinner and talk to she takes our teeth and uses them till they fall out, then she uses other teeth.
so there you have it, the tooth fairy needs our teeth so she can eat her dinner and talk. two very important things to a 4 year old. so next time you think about the tooth fairy, now you can now why she has such wonderful job security.