Thursday, July 31, 2008

super adam

he's getting ready to save the world and fight off the bad guys! he's so dang lucky to have an autie who buys him the coolest birthday presents. you could be cool and get one for yourself ... or someone you love too! check out: superflykidz.
i got to pick what colors and what design i wanted for it. it's yellow (his FAVE color) with a blue circle and a big red "A" on the back. aidan was loving it too ... i bet he'll get one for christmas.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

last week's sewing projects

last week my sister was up visiting from san diego. she and my mom had a couple sewing projects for me to do while we were hanging out.
the first was my mom had an oversized shirt that she wanted re-fit so it was more flattering on her. she is going up to girl's camp this week ... and her camp name is wheaties!
here is the before.

here is the after ... looks much better, doesn't it? i'm glad you like it mom!!

the second project was for nicole ... she saw this awesome baby wrap (thanks whitney for letting us look at it, and for showing us how to wrap it SOOO many times!!) and wanted me to create her one. the first prototype was awful ... the second prototype was much better, but was a little snug for her (but fit me better, so #2 will have a new wrap to keep her all cozy in!)

here i am with caleb all snuggled up!

the second one came together pretty easily ... and i'm fairly certain that i'll be sewing up some more and putting them up in my shop. caleb LOVED it and slept happily all bundled up on my chest for an hour and a half. i finally had to take him out because aidan was getting jealous and needed some attention from his momma!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

tagged -- memory lane

i've been tagged twice on this one ... so here i go ...
Let's take a trip down Memory Lane ... Do you remember when?
Here are the rules:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember(it can involve the family or even my husband too)! You do not have to have even met me in person.
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll be sure to write one about you.
3. If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all!
4. Consider this a Tag: if you've read it, you have to do it!

Friday, July 25, 2008

fresh tomatoes?

what would you do if you were given a bag of fresh homegrown cherry and pear tomatoes??
i know what i would do
slice 'em up and sprinkle on some salt and pepper and DEVOUR them. halfway through the bowl remember to take the picture. then finish it off. i even was gracious enough to share a bite or two with robby. it was DELICIOUS ... probably would have been better if i had an olive oil to drizzle a little. but were just perfect without anything but some salt and pepper.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

you got jacked...

this is nic - hemi didn't sign out! hahahaha! i pirated your blog!

so glad to be up here hanging out with you! love ya!

recipe wednesday - strawberry banana smoothie

ok ... bad picture, but soooooo delicious!!
1/2 cup orange juice (my favorite ... but you could use any flavor)
1/2 banana
1 handful of frozen strawberries (or whatever fruit you want ... i use frozen because i like them kind of slushie ... but you could use fresh!)
1/2 cup yogurt (any flavor will do)
4 ice cubes
blend it all up!!
obviously you could tweak this anyway you want ... this is just my personal favorite combination.

Monday, July 21, 2008

train stop shirt dress GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Train Stop Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
go check out this blog ... this lady is giving away the cutest little girl's dress EVER!! seriously! so dang cute ... i can't wait to have a girl so i can dress her in cute things like this .. heck i can even start making cute things like this.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

lovebirds -- tagged

Well, amanda tagged me and told me to get on it, so here I go!
1. Where did you and your husband meet?
i met robby when i was 13 years old through a friend in my ward. he was 15 -- you know how lame a 13 year old following you around is? ... needless to say he was not impressed. but i hung out with the other guy in attempts to try to hang with robby. i dated the guy for 2 months. and then we were all just friends. robby and i had classes together in high school (he would copy my geometry homework ... and we have a mural that we designed and painted [8 feet tall by 16 week wide] in a senior living center in ontario). after high school he went on to join the marines and a year later i went to college in idaho -- we lost touch.
after i graduated i was back home for a bit. i heard about a party for a guy who just returned from his mission so i figured i would stop by before heading to my friend's house. when i knocked on the door i was greeted by the RM's parents and while i was standing there i see this guy kinda standing/crouching behind them ... i take a second look and realize it's robby. he stands up and give me a hug (lifting my feet off the floor). we talked in the kitchen for the rest of the night ... even after the rest of the party people left. (my mom says we haven't stopped talking since). we exchanged phone numbers and planned to hang out.
when he called to hang out the next day (which was a sunday) and i told my mom who i was going out with, she commented: "he's a dork!" she said this because she knew i had always liked him and that he had never given me the time of day. she didn't want me to get hurt. so he came over and picked me up and headed to in-and-out. i had already eaten dinner and i didn't want to order anything (pesky little 10 commandment) -- but i munched on his fries while we talked.
he went back to camp pendelton (he was only home on leave for christmas) and we returned to just phone calls. i got a job opportunity working for a girl from college who was trying to start a modest prom dress company and needed at patternmaker ... she was located in san diego (only 20 minutes from camp pendelton -- way closer than the 1.5 hours he would later be driving to see me after the job was over). i broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years (the day he broke his jaw ... poor guy, it was wired shut and he couldn't even defend himself!) called robby and told him i was coming to san diego and that i broke up with tim.
2. First thing said?
who knows ... it was AGES ago!!
3. First date?
do you count while we were "hanging out" while i had a boyfriend ... our first date after i broke up with tim ... i called robby after i got off my first day at the prom dress company (january 14, 2003) and got directions to camp pendelton. i went and picked him up (he didn't have a car at the time) and we went and got some fast food (wendy's i believe). then we went back to his barracks and watched "super troopers".
4. First kiss?
while we were in his room watching "super troopers". i HAD to do it ... i had been wanting to kiss him forever, but he wouldn't do it while i had a boyfriend, and he was unsure if i wanted to so soon after breaking up. it was great!
5. When "I Love You's" were first said?
who knows ... it was really soon after we started dating, i think like 2 or 3 weeks. i know we were saying it by valentine's day (a month later).
6. Long or short courtship/engagement?
SHORT ... we dated for 4 months, and were engaged for 2 months (to the day!)
7. Where did you get engaged?
on may 5th, 2003, we headed to disneyland. i knew he was going to do it, i just didn't know where. he kept faking me out all day! then we went on the mark twain (the paddle boat that goes on the rivers of america -- i could point out the spot on the river!!) it was great. i said yes ... the ring was PERFECT (he picked it out all on his own -- we never looked at rings. he asked me what i wanted and all i told him was "not a diamond". it's a triangle cut pink sapphire with little diamonds on the sides and i LOVE it). no one around us on the boat seemed to notice or care (which was a great relief to robby, he would have been so embarrased if anyone had said anything)

8. Where were you married?

on july 5th, 2003, we were married for time in the creekside building in ontario. and on october 10th, 2004 we were sealed for time and all eternity in the redlands temple.
9. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
we went to catalina island ... off the coast of california. it was great. we were kinda wanting to go back to celebrate our 5th anniversary ... but i didn't want to go on the boat while being pregnant (not fun). maybe next year.
10. Where did you make your first home?
well for the first month after we got married we house-sat for a little old lady. then he deployed for 8 months (iraq and other places) and i moved in with my sister. when he got back we moved to hawaii and lived by kaneohe bay on oahu for 6 months. then in with my parent's for 2-3 months, then 2 different apartments in ontario ... and now renting a house in rancho cucamonga.
ok, so now I tag anyone who reads this and wants to do it!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

newest modest shirt design

my newest modest shirt design. i did the pattern on tuesday and cut it out in the fabric and sewed it last night. (only took me 15 minutes to sew it ... LOVE LOVE LOVE my new serger!) it still needs tweaking ... i think gathers under the bust where the empire seam is would look much more flattering. but i LOVE the idea. one side has a cowl neck where the other side has a high neckline (but it's totally reversible ... you could wear the cowl in the front or the back!) i also think i want to make the cowl more pronounced. is it cute enough to worry about trying to fix the pattern, or should i move on to another design??

i think it looks cute on my bump though ... and can you see my belly button just wanting to pop out??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i got press

i met a girl on the etsy forums and she was interested in doing an interview with me and featuring me on her blog! holy moley!
you can read all about me on her blog, it's kinda flattering, no?
she makes the cutest camera straps i've ever seen, check out her etsy store for yourself.

Monday, July 14, 2008

my newest tyvek creation -- baby wipes case

here is the prototype for my newest tyvek creation ... a baby wipes case. wouldn't this make you happy every time you had to bust it out to use it? i know it sure would make me happy. i know all of you will just be waiting on the edges of your couches until you can purchase one for yourself!!! sorry, you can't have this one ... it's for nicole and baby caleb's bum!! (and she LOVED it!) ... head on over to my etsy shop to buy one of your own!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my bump

so ... i'm sure some of you are curious as to how i'm progressing ... so here's a picture of my bump. i had my hair and makeup all done for church on sunday (7/6/08 -- 27 weeks) so i made robby take a picture of me (much to his chagrin).
NOTICE: objects in picture are much bigger than they appear!! (my bump is bigger than this picture makes it out to look, or maybe it's just my perspective) maybe if i was holding the hem of my shirt tighter??

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

i'm so proud of ...

my sister!! she's amazing. you can read all about what she's been going through ... here and then here. she had caleb on july 4th and it just seems like things got worse and worse ... and now they are getting better. he's still in the nicu, but he no longer has any tubes (ivs, feeding tubes, etc.) and is getting better everyday.
i'm just so proud of how nicole is handling the whole situation. i know it has to be rough on her. having to drive to visit her baby in the hospital (and not being able to drive ... so she has to rely on her husband or others).
i admire her strength. i admire her calmness. i admire her ability to see positive in what most would only see negative. i admire her thinking of other people's needs and wants. i admire her ability to bite her tongue when it is needed. none of these qualities i posses, but i try.
i admire nicole, she's amazing. and i just thought i would share that with all y'all! she's my best friend, my CEO (chief emotional officer) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

happy 5 years!!!

well saturday was our five year anniversary, so we figured we better go out and celebrate. we called up rob's mom and she graciously agreed to babysit.
we headed off to market broiler ... our absolute favorite restaurant. and since i'm a crazy blogging person, i took pictures ... enjoy!
this is us waiting for our food, enjoying their sourdough and a shrimp cocktail (no pictures ... we devoured it before i could grab my camera from my purse!!)
then our food arrived ... i opted for threasher shark (with lemon pepper seasoning ... we love that you can request certain seasonings!!) cheesy mashed potatoes and a side of cottage cheese ... YUM!!

robby opted for a trio: thresher shark (with jamaican lime seasoning), salmon (with lemon pepper seasoning), snow crab legs with rice pilaf and steamed vegetables.

i cleaned my plate (well robby said i didn't because i had cottage cheese left over, but i say that doesn't count!!) i almost always only eat about half of my shark and half of my potatoes (leaving me a yummy lunch the next day) but i ate it all ... it was delicious!!!

and this is us all happy and STUFFED ... oh it was soooo worth it, absolutely delicious!! i wish we could go there more often. afterwards we went and saw "the incredible hulk" ... GREAT movie!!

oh, yeah and look what robby bought for me for our anniversary ... a new iPod ... 80gb silver video ... oh the happines, i was getting tired of seeing this sad display on my old 20bg photo ipod

Monday, July 07, 2008

peaches 'n' cream

oh yummy!! i received a bag of peaches from a sister in my ward, and this is what i've been doing with them. slice them up, sprinkle on some sugar and pour some milk on top (it would be better if i had cream, but oh well!!)

Friday, July 04, 2008

introducing caleb derek shelby

introducing ...
caleb derek shelby
i'm an auntie again, my sister nicole had her baby today!! caleb derek shelby was born at 11:08 a.m. on july 4th. he weighs 7 pounds and 1 ounce and is 19 inches long. both baby and momma are doing good!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

aidan's dictionary and update

he had a well baby check-up on thursday (6/26) and he weighs in at 26 pounds 4 ounces, and is 33 inches tall and his head circumference is 18 1/2 inches. for weight and height he's in the 75 percentile. he's now 16.5 months old!!! he's my BIG boy and i love him (although ... he's getting so heavy and that wears me out!). on friday (6/27) he had some blood drawn just to make sure everything is going well (and it is, we got the "normal" phone call on 7/3). it was so sad to have to hold him down like that while they took 2 viles of blood from him -- he screamed.

here are some of the words that aidan can say (although most you wouldn't recognize if you heard them) but he uses all of these consistently. these are in no particular order, i have no idea when he started saying what. but dada was his first word, followed by mama. but he called me dada for the LONGEST time (up until about 3 weeks ago) ... even though he could say mama.
daddy = dada
mommy = mama (also uses this word for gr'ama)
please = psss
thank you = key koo
uh oh = uh OOOH!
fish = pish (one of his earlier words, ya know since we have 'em EVERYWHERE in our house!)
cracker = kaa kaa
wiggles = gee gee
bye bye = buh bye
hi = i
hello = beau
go = go
bottle = baa baa
yogurt = yo go
cheese = ch-sss
baby = bee bee
dog = ya gee ya gee, or gaa gaa (which he always says when he sees one, or hears one barking)
birdie = dee dee
duck = kaka
scott = cott
amanda = da
papa = papa (one of his FAVORITE people ... when we pull up in front of my parent's house he always immediately starts saying papa, he LOVES my dad)
dora = door
hannah = haa ya
ball = baa
phone = poon
spoon = poon
hello = hey-o
shoes = shoo
jaws theme song = da da da (while playing with his stuffed shark, HAHA!!)
blanket = key key
pillow = poe
diaper = dee da
juice = joose
jo jo = yo yo
banana = baa baa
cheerios = chee-yo
night nights = nigh nigh
shh shh = shh shh
keys = keys
all gone = aa on
yummy = num num
woof = oof
push = puu
show = sooo
milk = mooe
drink = kink
beep = eep
honk = hon
oh and on friday (6/27) aidan figured out how to say "la la la" and he thought it was great and did i all night long, finally he can say the "L" sound.
aidan, what does a dinosaur say? "rooaaar"
what does a car say? "booom" (vroom)
what does a duck say? "kak kak kak"
what does a monkey say? [shakes his finger at you] ... meaning, "no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed!"
he can point to his head, hair (he pulls it), eyes, nose, mouth, tongue (sticks it out), teeth (chomps 'em down), ears, toes, hands
i'm trying to teach him baby #2's name before she pops out, so far it's not going so well (i say the name, he just says "bee bee" back to me). we're also trying to teach him to be soft to my tummy, which is going pretty well. he often comes over and hugs and kisses my belly button.
his favorite tv shows are wiggles, doodlebops (but i haven't put that on lately, waaay too annoying) and most recently jo jo's circus and backyardigans. although he still enjoys watching oprah and anything with music and dancing (hairspray, hello dolly, etc.). he prefers live people to cartoons (hence wiggles and doodlebops ... although he's getting better about that ... hence his recent attention span for jo jo's circus and backyardigans).
he now has 10 teeth, 4 on the top in the middle, 2 on the bottom in the middle and 4 molars that have all broken through. (you can see his back teeth in the second picture!!)
and he's VERY into high-fives right now. if he's getting into something (like climbing on top of tables to do jigs ... i can ask him for a high-five and he'll get down and come give me one)
and i must say i really apprecite great friends in my ward who are willing to watch aidan when i need it, whether its watching him for an hour until robby gets home so i can go see wicked (thanks kristi) or watching him for 2 hours while i go to do my glucose screening test (thanks wendy). i have the best friends, plus our kids get along great so it makes trading kids easy.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


ok, so i've been meaning to post about going to see WICKED ever since i went ... but i kept hoping i could post more pictures. unfortunately they are being held hostage. my sister insisted we take the group pictures with her camera (something about more pixels ... plus she just bought it) ... unfortunately even though i've asked her at least 10 times to send me the pictures she ignores the request. (and i know my mom is bummed she wont share because mom forgot her camera, so she has NO pictures!! nicole tells me to forget about 'em ... and that heidi never ever shares her pictures no matter what ... so i've given up hope.)
oh, well! i can't put it off any longer. (i mean over 2 weeks is long enough!!). on june 13th (haha ... friday the 13th). i went to go see WICKED. there was a whole group of us, my sister heidi came down from utah and brought along her bff, kemari, and my parents and my brother scott and his wife amanda, and her parents.
i dropped off aidan at my friend kristi's house so she could watch him until robby got off work (thanks kristi, i really appreciated it!!), then i headed to meet everyone at my parent's house.
when i got there heidi was just finishing getting ready and as i sat on her bed and caught up with her she mentioned casusally
her: "now you have you ticket, right?" (she had purchased all the tickets so that we would all be sitting together).
my response, "haha ... you're so funny. you have my ticket."
her: "um, no i don't. it was mailed directly to you at your house."
me: "WHAT?! but i never check my mail!! why didn't you tell me this before, isn't that an important detail?!" (seriously we pay all our bills online and check the mail like twice a month ... a bad habit ... i know!)
so i had to drive back home to dig through my mail and try to find my ticket. fortunately robby was home and dug for me and met me halfway to deliver my ticket. then i headed back down to meet everyone for dinner (mmmm .... islands). then we headed out to hollywood to see the show.
my friend, wendy, had been talking the show up and i was expecting a LOT from what i had heard from everybody ... and it EXCEEDED my expectations. it was FABULOUS!!! i thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.
i also scared everybody sitting around me during the intermission. while walking down the stairs i tripped and fell down them!!! it totally freaked everyone out ... but i didn't get hurt at all (just my pinky where it got caught on the iron railing!)
heidi, me and mom mom (getting ready to go find our seats and taking in the sights of the pantages theater ... amazing!!)

me ... all dressed up. (i even put on my pearls ... just for you nicole ... no opera gloves or tiara, sorry!)

me and amanda holding our playbills, we're soooo excited!!

a shot i got of the stage before the show started ... i got yelled at for taking this picture! OOPS!

thats all i got folks ... i wish i could post a picture of everyone who went ... but oh well, live and learn, next time i wont listen to heidi when she insists to use her camera!! because i now know she never learned to share.