Thursday, July 27, 2006

text messaging maddness

text messaging, it seems so convenient . . . let me show you some messages back and forth from a friend of mine and me as we tried to make plans on what to do yesterday.
her: "jodi! whats goin on 2nite?"
me: "whatever u want"
her: "uh oh... this again. hehe. i dont reall care, but i cant c clerks w/o ben"
me: "i noticed, i'm down for anything"
her: "k, what time do u get off work?"
me: "5"
her: "so we have some time 2 think about it"
me: "yea, where do u wanna meet?"
her: "umm... doesn't matter 2 me. depends on what we r gonna do"
me: "haha, were not getting anywhere"
her: "i know, whats new"
me: "haha"
her: "im down 2 go 2 the mall or a movie or out 2 eat or 2 just kick it"
[in an effort to speed up the process i sent her an email with movie times]
me: "u have e-mail"
her: "?"
me: "i sent u an email, read it"
her: "k, do i need 2 read it right now?"
me: 'b4 2nite, pick a movie, ill meet u at ur house after work"
her: "k sounds good, good job on making a decision! :)"
me: "thanx"
her: "hehe"
[later that day]
her: "i dont c an email from u"
me: "try it now"
her: "k"
her: "got it, thnx, nething u wanna c?"
me: "click, super ex, u me & dupree"
her: "click or u me & dupree sound good"
me: "k"
this whole massaging back and forth started around 11:00 am and completed somewhere around 3ish. i think its absolutely crazy that it took that long to make such a stupid decision. when i simple phone call would have taken like 5 minutes TOPS. plus, with like 5 cents a message it cost me about $0.65.
we saw click by the way, went to togos and the mall. click was pretty funny with a little but of come crude humor, but funny none the less. it reminded me a LOT of it's a wonderful life. does anyone else find text messaging just kinda crazy? while i was in the middle of typing a messgae one of the CPAs in my office walked by and told me to write the message, take a picture and send it to her. come to think of it, that might have been easier.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

back to work

last week i took the entire week (moday through friday) off to go beach camping with my family. it was a wonderful trip. although somehow trying to get comfortable while preggo in a sleeping bag is a talent i have yet to master. but i must confess, on the last night when i moved to a different tent i slept better, strange, since the bag and the pad i was sleeping are were exactly the same. bizarre.
i think i would have appreciated it more if i hadn't got sunburned the second i stepped onto the beach. yes, i did put on sunscreen, but either it didn't work, or i just don't know how to apply it correctly (what's i'm supposed to cover ALL of my skin? not just random blotches? weird!)
now my entire body is molting, i feel like a lizard shedding it's skin, or a caterpillar coming from the cocoon. unfortunately, i don't think it will lead to an improvement. and when i say my entire body, i mean my entire body, including my head. yes i burned my scalp. not fun, and actually just plain gross. the rest of me i can cover and hide in some manner, shirts and pants, it's amazing. but i cannot cover my head from the horrors of society. seriously, its really gross. one's head should never shed. i would post pictures but they are just too scary to even think about. although, i do think if i stopped scratching it would help not bring more flakes to the surface.
now i'm back to work. it's always nice to be missed, and be TOLD that you we're missed. although i know that they missed my ipod too. my little ipod gives our office music, and while i'm gone the office just gets too quiet.

Friday, July 07, 2006

bring on the bulls

today is July 7th, in case you didn't know, a day which happens to also be the running of the bulls. yes, you know what i'm talking about, you've seen "city slickers", billy crystal gets gored by one.
so to honor such an occasion i thought i would give you a quote from scott adams, yes, you know who i'm talking about, THAT scott adams, who write the comic dilbert, yes you know what i'm talking about, the comic that brings office humor smiles to our faces daily. yes, i love dilbert. i actually only read two comics everyday, dilbert and pearls before swine. nothing else is worth reading, gotta love those crocs always wanting to eat their zeeba neighba. anyways, back to the point.
"Every year in Pamplona, Spain, over a million people watch and/or participate in the Running of the Bulls. People – and by that I mean idiots – try to run ahead of a stampede of bulls in the narrow streets. The bulls have killed 15 idiots since 1924. I think you can appreciate the valuable service the bulls are performing. Later that day, Matadors torture and kill the bulls for entertainment. It’s a popular vacation destination for the whole family."
"The part that got my attention is that hundreds of animal rights activists always attend to protest. Many of the female activists protest by going topless and running with the bulls. That’s right: In order to make this event LESS popular, the female activists take off their tops and jog in front of onlookers."
"Keep in mind that this is a crowd of people who hope to see bystanders get gored before the animals are all stabbed to death. I hate to categorize people, but which of these items do you think would have the best chance of discouraging folks that enjoy watching bulls get stabbed?
1. Classical music
2. Poetry reading
3. Tits"
haha, i couldn't be funnier if i tried. thats just hillarious. isn't that what boys like most? violence and boobies. i know my hubby sure appreciates those things. thank you scott adams for bringing these "activists" to our attention. my thoughts about the running of the bulls will never be the same, and i'm sure yours wont either.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

sad day

okay, completely sad day in history.
if you feel a bit squeemish today, you should stop reading this post now!
seriously people, i'm gonna talk about vomit today.
okay, well my mom always brags that i am the best thrower-upper-person ever. even as a child i always made it to a bowl, or "the bowl" -- as in the big porcelin one in the bathroom. i never made a mess. my mom, becuase of me, never had to clean up nasty throw up from any surface (carpet, tile, nothing).
well, this morning that wonderful streak was crushed. yes, i didn't make it this morning. there i was sitting on the couch eating me honey-nut-cheerio-wannabes. and they were delicious . . . until the bottom of the bowl, and then they started getting soggy. cheerio-wannabes are not supposed to be soggy, they are supposed to be crunchy and absolutely delicious. well, the sogginess made me gag a little. and then it was all over. i ran to the bathroom.
yes, made it.
then i hear the hubby in the other room (while still in bed), "what are you doing?" me (very casually) "throwing up, what do you think i'm doing?" then i start gagging some more. uh-oh! so i run back to the bathroom.
no, didn't make it.
although it did land on the counter and on the tile right next to "the bowl". at least it wasnt on the rug. and it was easy to clean up. but, by golly, i've always been excellent that "making it". i mean, right now i have bowls in the living room, bedroom and my car just in case i feel a little nausea (even though i haven't at all). dang.
after i cleaned up my mess, i grabbed a box of nilla wafers (those dont get soggy - unless you add other stuff) and headed to work. it was such a sad say that i had to call my mom.
me: mom, it's a sad day today.
mom: why?
me: i didn't make it.
mom: but you ALWAYS make it.
me: not today. [recounted the whole story]
mom: but you ALWAYS make it, even when you were a kid.
me: i know. you know what though, cheerios look a lot like oatmeal, it was gross.