Monday, October 29, 2007

relaxing weekend

we had a relaxing weekend chilling at my parent's house with my sister and her two kids. here is aidan and i enjoying the sun. nicole came up to get out of the smoke that is accumulating over san diego. we're sad about the fires roaring all over southern california, but boy was is fun to play with my sister and my neice and nephew. she has more pictures over at her blog.
when we don't know what to do we go out shopping (which can be bad for my bank account) but on the bright side i got the outfit i'm wearing in the picture for less than $10. you can't beat that. aeropostal (spelling?) was having a massive 75% sale. love love love clearance sales. and now you're all jealous. i hope everyone else had a relaxing weekend as well!


Jen said...

Very cute picture, adorable baby (as usual) and great outfit!

Nicole Shelby said...


We loved spending allthat time with you as well...mi hermana.

did i mention that i love my tab punch? oh yeah...thanks!

you've got to see that pic of you and aidan closeup - his eyes pop!

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Huzzah for relaxing weekends! :)

Wow - Aidan's getting a lot of hair.