Monday, March 30, 2009

have you met [magic] jack?

what? you've never heard of magic jack? ... well i hadn't either ... until i was nursing finley one night and was flipping through infomercials.
we were a cellphone family, until i got a church calling which requires TONS of phone calls and my cell phone gets HORRIBLE reception and drops calls ALL the time (as nicole can attest, it personally despises her). i had been doing research on phone services and was looking into vonage ($9.95 a month for the first 3 months and then $24.99 thereafter) ... and then i stumbled upon magic jack ... it's like $20 per YEAR ($40 for the actual jack and first year of service ... and while checking out will offer you 5 years for a great deal) ... i think like $50 more dollars). yes, you read that correctly, and you can call anywhere in the US and Canada.
you have to have it plugged into you computer, and you have to be connected to the internet and the program running to receive and make calls ... but we generally have our computer running 24/7 anyways. personally, i LOVE it, and i love it even more since it is a great deal and we wont have to pay another bill for it for 5 more years ...
i've been meaning to blog about it for AGES [we got it in november?] ... and last week i was talking to nicole (who just moved to utah ... sad for me, great for her) and we were talking about house phones and i mentioned it and had to tell her more. she called me a couple days later ... "i'm talking on my magic jack" she proudly said ... you're gonna want one too!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

my nails

sooo ... my nails were getting long and i figured i better document it before i broke them. of course after i took this picture i ripped 3 the next day!! UGH!!

(they look like i don't know how to trim them straight ... i promise i do ... they just curl when they get long)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


so ... i was sewing the other day. after cutting out some things in the living room, i was headed towards the dining room (where my sewing machine currently is taking over our dining room table) and look what greeted me!

i immediately went to ask robby to kill the creepy looking bug ... instead he caught it, made me take some pictures, then proceeded to look it up online. apparently it is just a house centipede ... and they are harmless and eat spiders and termites (so they are probably good to have around) ... but they are CREEPY looking. i asked robby to kill it, he let it go outside. UGH ... i've never seen them before we moved into this house.

doesn't that just want to make you come over and visit?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

aidan loves oreo cookies and milk

aidan LOVES oreo cookies and milk ... just like his momma ... and c'mon let's face it, who doesn't??