Sunday, May 28, 2006

x-men and dinner parties

saturday night hubby and i watch x-men, and it was excellent, if any of you plan to see it in the theaters i have this one thing to say: do not leave the theater until after the END of the credits, trust me it's worth it. we went with a large group of people, and the other guy who actually went with my hubby to buy the tickets ended up going to the wrong theater (like, the guy ripped their tickets and everything, totally bizarre). but the movie was great.
at church today the teacher mentioned women's rights, and the old man sitting next to me responds to the other man he was sitting next to, "*that* was a mistake."
tonight we broke in our new table, and had my parents and grandma over for dinner. i made chinese lemon chicken, and it was received very well. i've never had people over for dinner, we never had a place in our apartment that would allow us to. this table has opened up a plethora of new options. it also gave me the chance to use some of my dishes that had never been used before: glasses and silverware. i should have taken a picture, it was a beautiful table.
at almost exactly one hour my grandma left, heaven forbid she be away from her dog for anything longer. no matter, we ate ice cream and watched a show about lightning. it was delicious and fascinating.

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