Wednesday, September 03, 2008

tiny recycled/reconstructed baby clothes

look at what i made for baby caleb. tiny 0-3 month clothes ... when i showed the outfit to robby the little booties were his favorite. i mailed it off to caleb (care of his momma: nicole). she promised to take pictures and pass them along -- which she did (isn't he adorable?!). the outfit looks soooo comfy i wish it was in my size and i would lounge around the house in it everyday!!
i love the giant pocket on the front of the shirt, the red shirt i cut up had it and i thought it would be perfect for the shirt. i don't know what it could be used for (to hold a pacifier, maybe?) but i love it anyways. and i love the booties ... i think the part that covers the toes needs to be a little longer (so it reaches the ankle) ... but i really like how everything turned out.
jealous? want some of your own? hold your horses ... i'm still tweaking patterns and testing designs. i'll let you know when stuff is up for sale in my shop.

can you tell i'm loving my new serger? (i've pretty much convinced nicole that she wants one too ... i'm going to let her borrow one to see if she likes it)


Nicole Shelby said...

oh caleb is BabyGQ.
He shows off your stuff with panache.

plus, he only managed to kick off his booties once. and he was pretty much freaking out at the time, so regular wear is good.

and yep i'll probably need a serger.

love ya

Heidi Maloy said...

i want to play with a serger too!!!
cute stuff!

Amanda said...

Very, very cute outfit!! And very, very cute model!

Kerstin said...

these baby clothes are so cute!!! I love them!

The Birch Family said...

WOW!!!!! Cute cute cute!