Friday, May 09, 2008

dad's art ::UPDATED::

ok, nicole nicely pointed out in her blog that i haven't played along and posted the pieces hanging in my house, so here you go nicole. i'm posting them in the order in which they were painted.
this is an oil painting of lions. it used to hang in my dad's "studio" above the washer and dryer and i loved looking at it all growing up. when i got married my dad let me take it and put it in my bedroom. then nicole had it for awhile, and when robby and i moved into the house we are in now nicole gave it back. it now lovingly hangs in our entryway and greets you when you come inside our double red doors!

this is an oil painting that used to hang in my grandma hendrickson's dining room. i always admired this one as a child as well. when we were cleaning out her house i was talking to my dad about which paintings were left ... and he mentioned "the one with asparagus". all i remembered from when i was younger were the nectarines/peaches so i had no idea what he was talking about. but it turned out we were talking about the same painting. this painting currently does not have a home in our house and gets moved around often. currently it is resting on the mantle to the side of "1960s suburbia".

this is "1960s suburbia" and his hanging over my fireplace. i've already discussed this in a previous post. but the thing i love about this painting is that you can see the way he painted it outside of the lines on the paper (around the edges) ... i love that, when we have it framed i will make sure you can still see that. if i had it my way, you'd see a lot more of that in his work.

this is a giant pink painting (acrylic i think) and it hangs in my bedroom. scott and i fought over this one and i won. my dad was working on a school art project and was having technical difficulties. i came in and helped him out (gotta love computer skills) and his reward for me helping was this beauty. i absolutely LOVE it. its abstract and you can totally see the texture of how it was painted and splattered. it greets me every morning and wishes me sweet dreams every night. and i'm pretty sure it gives me license to now decorate my room with pink, no?

we also have copies of some prints (either wood or linolium? maybe both), but they are not framed or hung on the wall ... so taking pictures isn't as easy. i'll try to get to it this weekend.

well my little brother scott has decided to play along, here is his blog post with pictures of the 5 pieces that him and his wife amanda own. thanks for playing brother!! if my other siblings decide to play along, i'll add links to their posts here as well!!

nicole has posted her pictures as well, check 'em out!! she has 6 lovely pieces. go nicole!!

heidi, you're next!!


Amanda said...

Those are some pretty awesome pictures! Your dad has so much talent! And I think it is so neat you all put his pictures up in your homes!

Ned and Heidi Broberg said...

Wow, your dad is sure talented.

How are you feeling?