Monday, May 05, 2008

art pictures

okay, for all of those who have asked to see some of his pieces when i talked about them in my last post. i'll have to take pictures of what i have around my house, but here are some that he has posted on the redbubble site. these pictures were just lifted from that site. but i'll tell you a little about them. and i put them in order in which they were painted. (i think) maybe my siblings will play along and take pictures of the pieces they have hanging around. i know scott and nicole have more than i do.
this is called "the line-up" but is lovingly known as "the masterpiece" in our family. its 23"h x 33"w, watercolor and hangs in my parents living room. absolutely stunning in real life. this picture doesn't do justice at all!
this is "1960s suburbia". it is 24"h x 30"w and is mixed media (take a look at those bushes and the tree, yeah its little bits of nature). and the windows have something on them that make they shiney ... this beauty hangs over my fireplace and i LOVE it. i don't know how i was lucky enough to snag it.
this is "poppies", it's 44"h x 60"w (the thing is HUGE!!) it's acrylic and its currently hanging in my parents dining room. i love looking at it while we're eating dinner on sunday. (but i have a special place in my heart for flowers, especially considering one of my nicknames is flowerhead!!)
this is "shining forth in a world of darkness". it's 24"h x 30"w. it's acrylic and prismacolored pencil. oh you should see the things my dad can do with colored pencils ... AMAZING. (the temple is done in the colored pencils ... just in case you were wondering!) this one is hanging in the home of sean kirtley and his new bride stacey. what a wedding gift. my dad has always told my mom that she has first "dibs" and if he ever paints anything and she wants it, she gets it. to my knowledge this has only happened once before (and that painting is over their piano in the parlor). i KNOW my mom wanted this painting, but she didn't take it. at sean and stacey's reception the painting was proudly on an easel by the entryway. my mom made sure that everyone she talked to went over to look at it and proudly showed off my dad's talents. i know it was overheard someone asking where they bought it from as they had never seen it at deseret books. hehe. sorry this is an original and cannot be purchased from anywhere. DARN. its beautiful.
i'll have to take pictures of the other artwork in my home ... maybe tomorrow after the baby shower. and i'll take pictures of his senior show on the 24th. but i highly recommend to anyone in the area to attend, seeing the pieces in real life is better than any picture!!


Nicole Shelby said... I'm going to have to go around the house and take pics of the art that i have of daddy's.

it doesn't matter how much art i've is my favorite. he's brilliant. his stuff is beautiful (mostly). and it all makes me happy.

Melissa said...

I am so jealous I love all the pictures I want one. Does he take orders or is it just for people he knows. I know the kirtleys have one in there home that is beautiful. The one he gave Sean and Stacey is truely amazing! He needs to go to Desert and show that baby off! Will u let me know if he takes orders or if he has a website..thanks what talent he has!

Christian & Stephanie said...

I love the first picture. That piece is so beautiful. I was lucky enough to see it when we stayed at their house for Thanksgiving. I love the stuff I have seen of your dad's. He does great work!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I was able to make it!! I had a WONDERFUL TIME! ;) I am hoping you are feeling better and that you don't have a headache today!! THOSE SUCK!!! You are stinkin fun!! I hope you can come, that would be fun times!! Have a great day!! LOVES!!!

Jen said...

Wow, I am really loving these art posts. He's very talented.