Wednesday, May 07, 2008

aidan loves being outside

aidan loves being outside, it was so sunny the day i took these pictures. we crawled all over and had a great time.

just beware of the fungus that has infested the grass by the street.


Nicole Shelby said...

no more fear of the scary green pokies outside!

go aidan go!

and, bytheway, him knowing what time it is and expecting daddy? that's crazy!

Jodi Jean said...

nah this was before he was afraid of the grass. way old picture (duh, looks how short his hair is!)

and aidan always kinda knows when daddy should be coming home. around 5:30 he ALWAYS gets cranky and calls for daddy. i think by then he is just plain tired of me!

Nicole Shelby said...

yes...i know they are old...just in socks no shoes (and of course hair length and crawling).

and yep my chitlins get tired of me too...but they still don't know when to expect him...of course that's because he's never home at the same time every day.

Amber said...

Beware of a lot of things now that he's mobile! We, too have been relishing the great outdoors. It makes me wonder how we survived winter!

Adam and Rachel said...

look at for the mushrooms...yucky