Wednesday, January 30, 2008

random things

some random things about me

alrighty ... my friend wendy just did this and i looked like fun, so anyone who wants to play let me know in your comments!!

1. i love earthquakes! seriously. ok i know you all must think i'm crazy, but i love them. (but i always hope when they are over that the epicenenter was close --- so it wasn't that big, and no one was hurt). we haven't had one in awhile!

2. i once chipped my tooth in a stater bros. we were at the grocery store with my mom and my brother and i were fighting over who got to sit in the cart. well we decided i would sit on the bottom, so i climbed in and as scott went to move to the top he let the gate go and it swung down and hit me in the mouth. later on in high school the filling came out ... and my husband thought it was great fun to call me "chip" and he still does every once in a while.

3. i broke my sisters arm. on mother's day! (you're welcome mom!) seriously ... we were outside playing. and i wanted to jump on the trampoline and she was laying in the middle of it. i asked her (nicely i'm sure!!) to get off, and she wouldn't ... so i jumped on her! she held out her arm to stop me from jumping ON her and i broke her arm. my mom didn't think it was actually broken so they wrapped it up and didn't take her to the hospital until the next day. (don't worry nicole i love ya! you're my ceo --chief emotional officer!!)

4. when my siblings would fight with me when i was younger i would use makeup and pencils to make bruises darker, or just plain make bruises to try to get them into more trouble!

5. i've had a crush on my husband since i was 13! oh man was he sexy back then with his baggy pants falling off his butt, and that weird greaser hairstyle where its shaved on the side and long on top, but slicked back. mmmmmm, ooooooh yeaaaaaah!

6. i'm a pack-rat and i have a hard time letting things go!

7. i love baked potatoes. i'm hooked on them at the moment and currently almost eat them everyday for lunch. i'm going to have to post on how i make mine. they are divine! probably the best baked potatoes you've ever eaten ... EVER! come over and i'll make you some.

8. i hate pasta, raisins, bell peppers and coconut--not the flavor, just the texture

9. i miss gilmore girls. (sure i can keep myself busy with all the seasons on dvd ... but no new episodes? sad day!) i get reminded of this loss during the commercials for special k, which lauren graham narrates. oh lorelai ... i miss those blue eyes and witty banter!

10. my favorite thing every week is going to my parent's house every sunday for dinner. i look forward to it ALL week. we always have fun and ALWAYS have great food. (as we say in our family ... it's "top button" -- you know, like "top shelf" but button because it's sooooo good you eat so much and you have to un-button the top button. see? now you're gonna start saying it ... it's gonna catch on!


Jen said... were kind of a wild kid, weren't you? LOL. I chipped a tooth too, playing on a skateboard when I wasn't supposed to. Then later I chipped off the cap getting out of a swimming pool and misjudged where the edge was.

Tricia said...

Earthquakes and trampolines. Two of my greatest fears.

I've seen the kind of carnage a trampoline can produce. I could write a whole post. We always had one, since we were little. We will not have one, now that I'm a parent. lol.

Earthquakes.....hmmmm, you are right, haven't had one in a while. I hate them. They unnerve me to no end. Better that than tornadoes, though.

And I've got to know your secret to the baked potatoes. I l-o-v-e them. Please share!

I'm a reformed pack-rat. It's very liberating. And it makes my mother-in-law squirm. :)

Kerstin said...

I remember when Nicole broke her arm... I also miss Gilmore Girls we watch the reruns everyday and I even got my husband to like it.

Nicole Shelby said...

jodi jodi jodi...
you funny chick...i'd forgotten all about the makeup bruises...those were freakishlyfrustrating! mom always believed and we'd get sent to our room before we could prove you were fakin...yes, you and your crocodile tears!

now, here's what you do. take a pic of yourself...print out this list...glue the pic to it...add some color...ta da! scrapbooker!

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I like earthquakes, but I don't like trampolines. You don't want to know why. No seriously, you don't.

I'm with Tricia - do tell about the baked potatoes.

April &Jason said...

Hey Jodi...thanks for the comments :) I enjoy reading your blog too! Your little boy is so cute, and it is fun watching him grow. I agree about the meat thing...I dont have an issue with eating meat, just in abusing the animals. I couldn't stop eating meat, but I am trying to limit it, and eat it sparingly...

Anonymous said...

I wanna play Jodi! Tag me in! I'm drawing a blank on a blog topic today!