Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cleaning my bathroom

my sister and i have recently decided that we need to focus more on our homes and bodies to more fully be able to take care of our families better. (meaning clean more and excercise more). in order to do so we're checking in with each other and talking about our accomplishments, goals and setbacks. today i tackled my bathroom. this is the one only robby and i use, so i don't have to worry about guests ... needless to say i have neglected it for too long. i'll only post 1 before and after because the others are too embarrassing.i need to stop pileing up my dirty laundry on my floor and put my hair and makeup stuff away when i am done. sheesh! but i must say my bathroom is a heck of a lot more peaceful now!
next up ... make my bedroom presentable (for this i will need robby's help as most of the problem is his things -- we've been living here for 8 months and his clothes are still not in the closet -- i'm sure you're gonna want to tell me to put them away, but half of his clothes don't fit him, and i don't know which half!!) wish me luck -- aidan's birthday is rapidly approaching and i need to make my entire house presentable!!!


Tricia said...

Jodi....that's awesome! Your bathroom looks great now!

You should come over....I will show you the video I took of our apartment bathroom we lived in before we moved here.

It's incriminating bathroom evidence, if I've ever seen it. I felt compelled to document it for future generations. lol.

In fact, it was so bad, it carried over to this house. I finally had enough, while pregnant with Ava, and cleaned out what I had dubbed, "The Gas Station Bathroom". ;)

Thankfully, it's never gone back to that state.

Enjoy your bathroom makeover! It looks fantastic!

Nicole Shelby said...


The B3 Sutters said...

LOL- You're so brave. Good job- and I hope you can keep it all up! Can you believe it's been one years since Aidan was born??? WOW!

Jen said...

Good work! Now I feel bad for sitting at my computer all morning, not doing the dishes.

Amber said...

That looks great! Keeping up on my kids' clothes is the toughest thing since they are growing so fast. I literally have stacks of clothes I need to file away!