Friday, January 11, 2008

it's here!!

we've been without a printer for MONTHS. it's been hard -- especially since my calling kinda requires it. you don't realize how much you take your printer for granted, until you have to live without. when ours stopped working we couldn't really afford to go out and buy a new one, plus i'm VERY picky. i wanted one that printed with pigment based inks, and not an epson (the last one was an epson and i was pretty disappointed -- and then it stopped working). anyways, after doing tons of research on printers and inks and continuous ink systems i was still baffled by which one would work for me. i really need something that uses pigment based inks because they are waterproof and that is what i need for my business, jocole.
well, the other day after aidan woke up and i changed his diaper, we walked out into the living room and turned on the tv. (mind you this is usually not the first thing i do in the morning). and just guess what was glowing out of the screen. an infomercial. well time to change the channel ... WAIT ... it's an infomercial for a printer (wait a little longer) and it uses pigment inks!!!! huzzah! i did some research online and finally decided to purchase it on. it fullfills all the requirements, plus it is bluetooth wireless enabled, which means i don't have to have it connected to my computer -- bonus! i'm so excited! i wish you could all watch the infomercial and decide to buy one yourself. merry christmas to me!!
let me introduce you to the kodak easyshare 5300. i got it just barely before christmas and i started printing the second aidan went to sleep and i could get it all set up. i'm so excited. if you want to purchase one for yourself for $50 less than what they are selling for at go check out i am so glad it arrived before christmas because i had some printing i need to do for some presents!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it.


Phillip said...

Glad you finally found something that you like and that will be useful!

Hope you had a happy holiday season.

Tricia said...

That looks really cool! I think I'm a little bit jealous. :)

Kerstin said...

We just got a new printer yesterday. I was the same as you i didn't realize how much I needed one until we didn't have one (I also have a calling that I need it for). It is great that you found just what you were looking for.

Nicole Shelby said...

hmm...kodak? i've not been pleased with the kodak produts i've owned. however, i've never had a printer. good luck! glad you're happy.

peace out homey g