Thursday, January 24, 2008

cleaning my entry way

alright on today's agenda, clean up the entry way bookshelf (c'mon this is what people see when they enter my house) and do 2 loads of dishes. alright, i know these are things that most people take care of on a daily basis, but lately i haven't. maybe if i blog about it i'll care more. so here are the befores and after.before it was covered in CRAP and the books were all haphazard! now it cleaned off (except for place for our keys, wallets, phones, glasses, etc. and a small stack of magazine and mail (i.e. bills), oh and i put all the shoes away that just get kicked underneath. sheesh!!

my kitchen counter after 2 loads of dishes, huzzah! i can hear my dishwasher rumbling in the background. can you tell that dishes are my nemesis? not really i don't mind the dishes part ... it's the unloading of the dishwasher. seriously, i don't know why but i hate doing it. so my dishes sit on the counter until i get around to unloading! sheesh!! oh, and i also did 2 loads of laundry, overall it was a pretty productive day! oh ... and robby and i made a little head-way on our bedroom while aidan "helped" (read that as totally get in the way).


Tricia said...

Yeah Jodi!!! Looks good! There's nothing I love more than walking into a clean kitchen in the morning. Everything else can be a wreck, but the kitchen, it's crucial to my mental well-being. lol. ;)

I hate unloading the dishwasher, too. I can't understand it.....I mean, I've timed it, and it takes like three minutes. lol. And I still don't want to.

Nicole Shelby said...

Ah! you won't fret when people stop by...what neatness...what order! and the counters? nice! look at allthat delightful room to work on! I LOVE clean empty counters. I'd love tons andtons of counters just so i could look at them. that is one funnything aboutmom. all those miles of counters and they are always busy! remember when they first did the kitchen? we all laid around on the counters and chatted the evening away?
rock on with your bad buddy.
today...i'm GOING to annhilate the laundry pile. and i'm going to remember the pics!
love ya chicka

Scott H. said...

The hard part of dishes for me is loading the dishwasher. We don't have the best dishwasher and we let dishes pile up so I like to rinse/scrub stuff before putting it in and it's so time consuming.

Jen said...

Dang, girl! It looks so great! YOu have been busy. Come to my house next please!