Tuesday, May 08, 2007

packing, pictures and blessings

yesterday (may 7th) robby's mom came over and played with aidan while i was busy packing up our apartment. things are starting to look good. i packed 20 boxes in the time she was over (about 3 hours) plus 6 big black trashbags of maternity clothes (2) purses (3) and pillows (1). yup i have enough purses to fill three 30 gallon trashbags.

all of my boxes lined up in my dining room.
my office packed up and ready to go (except robby's desk)

my high quality packing material (big black trashbags)
on Sunday May 6th my hubby blessed Aidan Connor in our church (actually there were two babies blessed, and both of them were named "Aidan" how crazy is that?) family and friends all celebrated this event with us. Aidan looked so cute in the outfit that i made for him - tie and all. as soon as i get the pictures that my photorapher (aka my sister nicole) took, i'll post them. she is excellent and i love that she takes sooo many pictures -- it lets me not stress too bad at events like this. the only pictures i took was after the party was dying down, robby was taking care of aidan while i was chit-chatting away in the kitchen. i went to check on them and this is what i found. i had to go get my camera, because it's just priceless. i guess we wore both of them out.
and now for more pictures. i know you guys only read my blog to see the most beautiful baby in the world. (i should also add that the shirt Aidan is wearing is the same one as pictured here: http://jodijean.blogspot.com/2007/02/new-pictures-of-aidan-connor.html yeah, he's grown soooo much!)
Aidan thinks he's a big boy -- trying to hold his own bottle
(right after the picture was taken he got all excited
and pushed it out of his mouth)
Aidan and daddy cuddling.

look at that double chin. he's getting chunky!

and lastly -- an excellent picture of his blue eyes!!


Amber said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting!!! And I also cannot imagine moving with a little one. Hopefully it goes smoothly on the unpacking end as well.

LOVE the picture of the two of them passed out. :-)

Nicole Shelby said...

Hemi -
Yay! New blog! And you talked about me! (Which by the way...once you get settled - we have 2 p-shoots on your horizon: 1 for Jocole; 1 of Baird Fam).
You are a freakishly neat packer...that's either really weird...or really cool...

Aren't Robby and aidan just beautiful together?

Minor problem with p-shoot of Aidan's party...we use the internet by hacking the wireless with T's laptop...the pics are wonderfully organized and in process of being edited on my computer...For now...you might want to go to Mom's an upload the pics there for your use (plus from the yacht ride)...and then when my comp is uplinked I'll send you the new improved ones...

Good luck with the packing...see you soon!

Jodi Jean said...

yes i am a freakishly neat packer (or try to be) each box is assigned a number and a letter (and i am keeping track of whats in each box on a pad of paper, i.e.: #1 - baby books & magazines, #2 - empty dvd cases & ps2 cases) and on the lid is a letter (a-f) a being the first room you enter when you walk into the house and then as you get farther away, i.e.: a-living room, b-kitchen, c-master bedroom, d-aidan's room, e-office, f-garage.

yup, i'm a freak. that way i only have to unpack the boxes that i need. or if im looking for a certain book i dont need to dig through boxes labeled "books" i know i just need to find the box labeled "#7".

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Three bags of purses, huh? I guess every person has their weakness--shoes, purses, electronic gizmos. For me it's spices and kitchen gadgets.

Which reminds me--I'm looking forward to trying the "6 Can Soup." :)