Wednesday, April 25, 2007

packing for the move

well on april 1st we tried giving aidan his first bottle. much to my suprise it really didn't faze him at all . daddy got to feed him for the first time since he was born. and he enjoys giving aidan a bottle whenever mommy can't feed him.

adain's ability to take a bottle meant we could leave him with robby's mom and went out on our first date without little aidan. i was completely freaking out and as soon as the movie was over we went straight home.

and this is what happend when you ignore your kid too long because you're too busy doing this...

we're moving into a house and out of our apartment. we have to be out by the 17th of may, so this next little bit is gonna be crazy. i've found that it's really hard to pack boxes when aidan just wants to cuddle with his momma all day long. today i put him in the swing and just ignored his whimpering for me. a little while later when i came back into the living room i found him completely zonked out in his chair. poor little guy. wish me luck in packing boxes.


Nicole Shelby said...

Ah hemi -
Welcome to freaking out while on a date (I still do it...). But, that's cool that Robby can feed Aidan now...probably makes him feel more involved...TJ didn't get to feed HJ at all while she was a baby...HE did with Adam...he never really said how he felt about it.
And moving...look at all those pretty new boxes all lined up and ready to go...What no random found boxes of all shapes and sizes? If you need Robyn, she got some for us that she never gave to us...use those! Well...gotta run...happy packin.
Give Aidan smooches from Auntie Nicola...and say hi to Roberto.


Cara (Clawson) Hitt said...

That's so exciting that you'll be able to be in your own home. Congratulations, and good luck with the packing!

Miss and love you!

Mel Steve & Tyler said...

So he finally gets the bottle. Is he sleeping all night yet??? Tyler has been for a few weeks now. ITS AWESOME!!

Mr. Squarehead said...

Have fun packing... too bad the military isn't paying for the move for you guys anymore.

Jodi Jean said...

yeah when we moved from hawaii to cali and the paid someone to box it all and move it across the ocean and unpack it in our new apartment. dang, i wish!!