Tuesday, January 09, 2007

frustrations at baskin robbins

yesterday as i was driving home from my doctor's office i passed by the baskin robbins that i used to work at. i thought that i would stop by and grab something cool (as it's been super hot in cali lately).
here in the convesation that then ensued...
me: i would like a regular caramel cappuchino blast, but can you substitute extra caramel instead of the cappuchino? (knowing full well that they can, as i used to make them all the time)
baskin robbins (br): *blank stare*
me: just make it exatly as your would a caramel cappuchino blast, but leave out the cappuchino and put in extra caramel.
br: * blank stare* ... but it's a cappuchino blast, i has to have cappuchino in it.
me: i'm pregnant, i can't have cappuchino, i just want caramel.
br: but it comes together (for the record they are two separate ingredients)
me: i worked here for four years, i know you can make it. i can walk you through it if you want.
br: *calls magager over*
br manager (brm): can i help you?
me: i would like a regulard caramel cappuchino blast, but substitute extra caramel instead of the cappuchino.
br: we can't do that.
me: FINE! *and then i stormed out!*
i then proceeded to go out and buy a blender (yes i know i never got one when we got married, and i never bought one. so we needed one anyways). then i went to stater bros. and bought some vanilla ice cream and some caramel. i then went home and made my own. dang stupid workers at br. maybe i'm just getting cranky from being pregnant (ahhhh, only 4 weeks until my due date), or maybe its from working too long at br (i'm very particular about how i like my ice cream, and actually it drives hubby crazy too).
but on the upside now i can make my own caramel blasts whenever i want without getting attitude from the workers at br. plus i can make it as caramel-y as i want, and i don't have to change out of my comfy preggie clothes and drive anywhere.
now if only i could teach hubby how to make them so i wont even have to get off the couch ...


Nicola said...

Jodi Jodi Jodi
Ice Cream Snob! I understand though, completely. I tried that - but mine was fudge in a mint shake instead of nasty chocolate syrup. What? Fudge? That's for SUndaes!
Thanks for thinking outside of the box - you crazy minimum wage scooper amateurs!
I Love Pregnant Cranky Women!

Jodi Jean said...

you and your mint fudge shakes. we are ice cream snobs. thats what we get for working at Br for years. whatever i have been truly enjoying being able to make them from the comfort of my own home and not having to put clothes on. let me tell ya, its wonderful.