Thursday, July 27, 2006

text messaging maddness

text messaging, it seems so convenient . . . let me show you some messages back and forth from a friend of mine and me as we tried to make plans on what to do yesterday.
her: "jodi! whats goin on 2nite?"
me: "whatever u want"
her: "uh oh... this again. hehe. i dont reall care, but i cant c clerks w/o ben"
me: "i noticed, i'm down for anything"
her: "k, what time do u get off work?"
me: "5"
her: "so we have some time 2 think about it"
me: "yea, where do u wanna meet?"
her: "umm... doesn't matter 2 me. depends on what we r gonna do"
me: "haha, were not getting anywhere"
her: "i know, whats new"
me: "haha"
her: "im down 2 go 2 the mall or a movie or out 2 eat or 2 just kick it"
[in an effort to speed up the process i sent her an email with movie times]
me: "u have e-mail"
her: "?"
me: "i sent u an email, read it"
her: "k, do i need 2 read it right now?"
me: 'b4 2nite, pick a movie, ill meet u at ur house after work"
her: "k sounds good, good job on making a decision! :)"
me: "thanx"
her: "hehe"
[later that day]
her: "i dont c an email from u"
me: "try it now"
her: "k"
her: "got it, thnx, nething u wanna c?"
me: "click, super ex, u me & dupree"
her: "click or u me & dupree sound good"
me: "k"
this whole massaging back and forth started around 11:00 am and completed somewhere around 3ish. i think its absolutely crazy that it took that long to make such a stupid decision. when i simple phone call would have taken like 5 minutes TOPS. plus, with like 5 cents a message it cost me about $0.65.
we saw click by the way, went to togos and the mall. click was pretty funny with a little but of come crude humor, but funny none the less. it reminded me a LOT of it's a wonderful life. does anyone else find text messaging just kinda crazy? while i was in the middle of typing a messgae one of the CPAs in my office walked by and told me to write the message, take a picture and send it to her. come to think of it, that might have been easier.

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Amber said...

This is why I've never sent a stupid text message! Of course, most teen-agers would DIE without this service!
P.S. My hubs and I got a kick out of the comment you left on his site. He's pretty well trained but still needs some help from time to time. :-)