Friday, August 08, 2008

i'm still alive

i got a call from my sister today wondering if i was still alive, since i hadn't posted in a while. i was doing pretty good posting regularly. but stephanie meyer's book "breaking dawn" was released on august 2nd.

i had pre-ordered it on ... and it didn't arrive until the 5th. so for the past three days i've been absorbed into the twilight world. i read half of it on the 6th, and then a quarter on the 7th and aidan took a 3 hour nap today, so i finished the last quarter today.

so ... sorry, i am still alive. i've just been hiding from blogs (since everyone else has already read it) and then too busy to post as i was spending all my spare time reading.

i'm done reading ... so my life can return to normal.

i must add that i liked this book the best of all the twilight books ... the things that bothered me in the other books were not present in this book ... and it was interesting to read it at the point of my life i'm in right now. her writing style still BUGS me (c'mon steph ... edit more please!! EDITED: not necessarily typos or grammatical errors -- although there were some -- but she just uses too many dang words and over describes things. the book did NOT need to be 754 pages!!!) but over all i was pleased.

i now return you to my regular scheduled blogging!!


Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

I am always bugged by typos or grammatical errors... the last edition of the Ensign has a typo on page 29 (Member of the Seventyw). Hey, have you measured and made another wrap from Whitney's one? I'll give you a call tomorrow... I'd love to see the finale for SYTYCD!!

Nicole Shelby said...

welcome back to the world.
glad to know that you are still alive.

Jen said...

I hate typos and grammar errors too.

I didn't care for Breaking Dawn, it was my least favorite of the series. It seemed anticlimatic and a lot of build up for a long time that turned out to be nothing.

Glad you are back!!!

Amanda said...

I am on book 2. I know I know....I am loving it!

My World said...

I hate typos but I am grateful that I don't see them as much a normal people. Mostly because I am the one making them.

It also made my reading the book wonderful! I know you don't like all the detail but I LOVE reading in depth about one thing and all the feelings and senses that go along with it!

You read incredibly fast....I wish!

Oh buy the way I am SO going to copy and paste this in word to correct my spelling errors! LOL

Haddorkus said...

I would never reveal anything from the book in my blog. I have a firm no-reveal policy. I just blogged about how I enjoyed it. And going to the midnight release party. This was a good one but some of it was easy to see coming except for one thing that I did not see coming at all. All in all, no complaints, it entertained me, I don't ask much else.

Welcome back to real world, I guess.

Christian & Stephanie said...

So glad you are back. I was wondering what happened! Good to know it was just a quick book read. Also nice to know that I am not the only who likes to read books in 2-3 days!

Rachel said...

i feel like i need to read more.