Sunday, June 08, 2008

aidan loves to play (part 2)

(more older pictures) aidan also likes playing with the rest of his toys. especially right after i've cleaned them all up ... it's much more fun to throw them out of the container on the floor!!! it's also fun to throw all the toys out of the container, and then climb into the container!

aidan's been laying down whenever i take his picture lately ... i think it's adorable!


Adam and Rachel said...

he's so stinkin' cute! he always has all of these different and fun smiles.
PS: looks like he'll be teaching himeself to play the piano soon.

Jen said...

He's so adorable! I love the piano pics too!

Amanda said...

He looks a lot like your side of the family. At least I think so! I want to pinch his cheeks! I love his precious smile!

He is so funny! I love how kids do such funny things!

How are you feeling?

Nicole Shelby said...

nothing like the ol' fave game of dump it out...wait for mom to clean...dump it out...wait for mom to clean...

thanks for letting me crash. and coming to the funeral with me (even though aidan didn't want to be there).

i told t about the lame-o movie...he was disappointed - he loves steve carrell.

and i told him the lover story - i got even him surprised with the punch line.

and i got a really good email from adrienne.

made it home in one piece to a hot cooked dinner! roasted chicken...mashed potatoes...corn and green beans...yum! i am so spoiled. hannah would hardly let go of me all night. and adam said "no miss you at all" win some you lose some.

tj says thanks for all the baby stuff too. thanks again.

love ya, nic

Adri said...

What a cutey! He looks so much like his mommy!