Sunday, June 15, 2008

aidan loves to splash (part 2)

(i don't know when i originally wrote this post, but it was FOREVER ago. this video was done on november 2, 2007) aidan has finally decided that he likes bathtime. he used to hate it, but instead he's discovered the wonders of splashing. i think he's outgrown his baby bath, and much prefers the big boy bathtub -- i don't have any videos of him in the big tub, but it's just as funny! (well i found a video of him in his big tub, but it was sort of indecent and i figure you've seen enough of my son or one day!! but splashing is still very much a part of bathtime.)


Amanda said...

bath time is always so fun! Hannah loves it. I noticed that even if they are cranky, bath time always puts a smile on their face!

He is so cute! naked babies are so adorable!

Nicole Shelby said...

splish splash i was takin a bath...

i always think it's a little bizarre when a kid doesn't like to splash.

adam would live in water if we let him. he thinks he is a swimmer (way before i thought he was) i just stay close enough...just in case.

bath...pool...whatever. there's something amazing about water!

Adam and Rachel said...

that was such a fun video!!!! i smiled the whole time i watched it. he's so stinkin' cute!!!