Friday, June 06, 2008

aidan loves the piano

aidan loves to play the piano!!! he's figured out how to open the lid and climb up on the bench and tickle those ivory keys to his hearts content. at least when he's playing i know where he is, and not trying to get into trouble. he also thinks it's fun to play the piano while at church ... ya know while someone is up front giving the lesson. i have to watch him, because he used to not know how to lift the lid ... but that doesn't stop him anymore. trying to pay attention in class is a joke, so we usually end up going to nursrey and i hang with wendy! 11 more weeks until i can officially just drop him off there! (not like i'm counting down or anything!)


April & Jason said...

awwww... what a cute lil guy! I love how he has the biggest smile in all his pictures! :)

Nicole Shelby said...

that kids got the music running through his veins...dances to the slightest rhythm...singing the jaws song...and now playing tunes on the old ivories?

We are Ben and Rebecca said...

That's so funny. I've come to realize that I don't get to enjoy Sunday school AND I have to juggle him diring YW now too ... and I still have 7 months to go .... :(