Saturday, June 30, 2007

what you need to know before you go shopping

i'll be updating this post as i post over on the jocole blog, so go visit.
i'm re-publishing some older pieces that i originally wrote here and will be adding more to them, so go see how you can dress without losing yourself. it discusses figure types, which is information you need to know. you should not go shopping without reading this series.
not sure how to make the most of your figure? check out figure flattery 101 for more tips.


Nicole Shelby said...

Jo! The new look is excellent! Love the flourished title...and of course pink makes you happy!
Love info on fashion from you...You're going to have to come down and do something for my RSEN.
It's finally official...Heidi and the kids are coming down a week early so it'll be playtime...and slumber parties at your house...excitement!!!

Cara (Clawson) Hitt said...

Jodi Jean! I too love the new look, it's awesome. We had our first ultrasound on Friday - we're going to have a little girl!!!!

:) I love you!

Amber said...

I'm with the others--great new look! And I'll click on over to your link. I'm hitting the mall in the next few weeks and need all the help I can get!