Friday, December 15, 2006

what's in a name?

we've decided on the name for our little ninja, but also decided to not tell anyone (except immediate family -- because i am SOOO not good at keeping secrets). the other day we got together with hubby's dad and we decided we were going to tell him the name, let me play out the conversation (using fake names of course).
hubby: dad we wanted to let you know what we've decided to name the baby
fil: okay
hubby: john bob
fil: oh wow, when he grows up he's gonna wanna go by bob
holy moley, that is the rudest thing i've ever heard. basically telling me that the kid wont like his name. this is exactly the reason why we are not telling people our name. i don't wanna hear your comments, it's not going to change anything. when he pops out i'm going to name him what i wanna name him, and there is nothing you can do about it.
other baby news:
i'm now 32 weeks, only 8 more to go!!!

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