Tuesday, April 28, 2009

music downloads

i was chatting with my sister and brother on friday night and somehow the topic turned to music. i asked scott what he thought about the new all-american rejects album, his response "what new album?!" so i headed over to my mom's mac and went to my favorite music download site and played him so clips. he comes over to check it out and then noticed the price of the songs.
and then he got mad that i've never told him or blogged about it before. (in my defense i KNOW i've told him before ... everytime him and his wife talk about downloading from iTunes ... and the link in the sidebar on my blog --- towards the top even). regardless i promised him that i would blog about it.
so check out MP3Search.ru ... only 9 CENTS (and if your purchase the whole album it is further discounted 10%). you can get the WHOLE all-american rejects album, "when the world come down" for only 97 cents ... less than what just ONE song would cost you other places.
you're welcome ... enjoy!


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we use legal sounds for our downloads, just as good! Hope you're all doing well!