Saturday, March 21, 2009


so ... i was sewing the other day. after cutting out some things in the living room, i was headed towards the dining room (where my sewing machine currently is taking over our dining room table) and look what greeted me!

i immediately went to ask robby to kill the creepy looking bug ... instead he caught it, made me take some pictures, then proceeded to look it up online. apparently it is just a house centipede ... and they are harmless and eat spiders and termites (so they are probably good to have around) ... but they are CREEPY looking. i asked robby to kill it, he let it go outside. UGH ... i've never seen them before we moved into this house.

doesn't that just want to make you come over and visit?


Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

I had a lot of those in the basement of our house in PA growing up!! They move sooo fast and they were always hidding in cracks and in/under things! They look scary when they move with all those legs!! Yuck! :)

Cam & Chelle Birch said...

ICK! But I love those pics of Aidan! He's a cutie!

Amanda said...

I feel like screaming just looking at the pictures!!!! YUCK!!!!!

Nice pic!

Jen said...

Oh sick!

Haddorkus said...

I found one of those in my house when we first moved in. I killed it, put it in a bag and promptly drove over to the exterminators office to show it to them. I have had them come over every quarter since. I have never seen another one, they are so grossy.