Thursday, July 03, 2008

aidan's dictionary and update

he had a well baby check-up on thursday (6/26) and he weighs in at 26 pounds 4 ounces, and is 33 inches tall and his head circumference is 18 1/2 inches. for weight and height he's in the 75 percentile. he's now 16.5 months old!!! he's my BIG boy and i love him (although ... he's getting so heavy and that wears me out!). on friday (6/27) he had some blood drawn just to make sure everything is going well (and it is, we got the "normal" phone call on 7/3). it was so sad to have to hold him down like that while they took 2 viles of blood from him -- he screamed.

here are some of the words that aidan can say (although most you wouldn't recognize if you heard them) but he uses all of these consistently. these are in no particular order, i have no idea when he started saying what. but dada was his first word, followed by mama. but he called me dada for the LONGEST time (up until about 3 weeks ago) ... even though he could say mama.
daddy = dada
mommy = mama (also uses this word for gr'ama)
please = psss
thank you = key koo
uh oh = uh OOOH!
fish = pish (one of his earlier words, ya know since we have 'em EVERYWHERE in our house!)
cracker = kaa kaa
wiggles = gee gee
bye bye = buh bye
hi = i
hello = beau
go = go
bottle = baa baa
yogurt = yo go
cheese = ch-sss
baby = bee bee
dog = ya gee ya gee, or gaa gaa (which he always says when he sees one, or hears one barking)
birdie = dee dee
duck = kaka
scott = cott
amanda = da
papa = papa (one of his FAVORITE people ... when we pull up in front of my parent's house he always immediately starts saying papa, he LOVES my dad)
dora = door
hannah = haa ya
ball = baa
phone = poon
spoon = poon
hello = hey-o
shoes = shoo
jaws theme song = da da da (while playing with his stuffed shark, HAHA!!)
blanket = key key
pillow = poe
diaper = dee da
juice = joose
jo jo = yo yo
banana = baa baa
cheerios = chee-yo
night nights = nigh nigh
shh shh = shh shh
keys = keys
all gone = aa on
yummy = num num
woof = oof
push = puu
show = sooo
milk = mooe
drink = kink
beep = eep
honk = hon
oh and on friday (6/27) aidan figured out how to say "la la la" and he thought it was great and did i all night long, finally he can say the "L" sound.
aidan, what does a dinosaur say? "rooaaar"
what does a car say? "booom" (vroom)
what does a duck say? "kak kak kak"
what does a monkey say? [shakes his finger at you] ... meaning, "no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed!"
he can point to his head, hair (he pulls it), eyes, nose, mouth, tongue (sticks it out), teeth (chomps 'em down), ears, toes, hands
i'm trying to teach him baby #2's name before she pops out, so far it's not going so well (i say the name, he just says "bee bee" back to me). we're also trying to teach him to be soft to my tummy, which is going pretty well. he often comes over and hugs and kisses my belly button.
his favorite tv shows are wiggles, doodlebops (but i haven't put that on lately, waaay too annoying) and most recently jo jo's circus and backyardigans. although he still enjoys watching oprah and anything with music and dancing (hairspray, hello dolly, etc.). he prefers live people to cartoons (hence wiggles and doodlebops ... although he's getting better about that ... hence his recent attention span for jo jo's circus and backyardigans).
he now has 10 teeth, 4 on the top in the middle, 2 on the bottom in the middle and 4 molars that have all broken through. (you can see his back teeth in the second picture!!)
and he's VERY into high-fives right now. if he's getting into something (like climbing on top of tables to do jigs ... i can ask him for a high-five and he'll get down and come give me one)
and i must say i really apprecite great friends in my ward who are willing to watch aidan when i need it, whether its watching him for an hour until robby gets home so i can go see wicked (thanks kristi) or watching him for 2 hours while i go to do my glucose screening test (thanks wendy). i have the best friends, plus our kids get along great so it makes trading kids easy.


Haddorkus said...

My favorite - Jaws theme music. Da da, da da. That must be really cute.

The blanket one reminds be of my Bug. He said Qwe-qwek. It's really hard to spell phonetically. But like the Key-Key but with the q sound, he still calls his duck blanket that he sleeps with every night that.

Adri said...

What a cutey! How old is Aidan now? Sounds like he's really smart!

Kerstin said...

Aidan is a big boy and so cute!!I love his new hair cut. Also his vocabulary is very impressive.

kristib said...

I'm happy to help!

Alyson, Cara and Erik said...

Oh, hearing his vocabulary I think is one of the high points of my day. What a cutie - you must be so proud!

Love, Cara

Nicole Shelby said...

i love the aidan dictionary!

plus, it was freaking me out, the whole time we were in the waiting room together - he's not a big ol' baby anymore! he's a little boy.

that hair!

prediction: finley will be nice and mellow and calm. you'll need it!