Tuesday, April 08, 2008

tagged -- my newest obsession!!!

my friend Kerstin tagged me with a book tag. (ok, not really but i'm doing it anyways!)
To complete this tag you must:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123
3.Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog
5.Tag 5 people
"He seemed a little old to be hanging out with us."
boring sentance when taken out of context, but this is actually an amzing part of the story!!! i was hoping it would be a good juicy one, but no. this is my newest obsession. I just finished it on sunday, and hopefully book 2 and 3 will arrive as promised in the mail tomorrow (i'm waiting on the edge of my seat!!) and i already pre-ordered book 4! sheesh. so far i'm totally loving this series. if any of you wanna borrow it, let me know (although nicole has dibbs ... she gets it saturday when i see her next). or go buy a copy yourself, it's excellent and you wont regret it! want to learn more about this book, check it out!!
now I tag: nicole, becca, jen, tricia and rachel -- and anyone else who wants to play!! huzzah!


Nicole Shelby said...

i already claimed "borrow-ship" status.

i'll do your tag tomorrow...sounds interesting!

love ya chica...i called you earlier...i was so excited about a project i'm working on for belle i needed to tell somebody...now maybe i'll make you wait until i blog about it...hmmm...see what happens when you don't call me back? i'll start thinking you're mom!

Melissa said...

I really want to read these books I have heard so much about them. The problem is, is that I have never been much of a reader. So I need help are they worth me trying to get into reading. I almost just want to read them to see what everyone is talking about with the books. I think I am going to get the first one!

Adam and Rachel said...

sounds good...but now i need to find a book. yeah...us Walkers don't do a whole lot of reading around here. haha...just church material mostly...ensigns or Book of Mormons. Yep.

Jess and Matt said...

Oh no...you are in big trouble now. I neglected my family, responsibility went down the tube when I read the series. LOVED IT! Can't wait for #4!

Tricia said...

Ok, I wish I had a book next to me. A real book, not an Ecolab Pest book, or a ServeSafe manual. lol.

The last book I read was the Strangling Your Husband is Not an Option. It was good, except I never have really felt like strangling him except for once, and he probably deserved it, but we've moved on from that. lol.

So I can't really play along, but thanks for thinking of me anyway. :)

Amanda said...

Oh yes, those books are AWESOME! I read all 3 in 5 days!! Good thing I was at my parents house so my family could help with Peyton so she wasn't being neglected!!! How do you pre-order the book? I sooo want to! Where do you order books from?