Friday, December 21, 2007

it'd beginning to look a lot like christmas

well, i've finally have gotten around to decorating. i didn't put up as much as i normally do, just bits and pieces. and we decided not to put up a tree because aidan will just pull it down and i don't want to stress about it.
here is one of my navtivities, on the bookshelf in the entry way.
here are my multi-colored sparkley christmas trees on my mantle.
here is our sad little christmas tree next to our nativity. it's driving aidan nuts, he wants to touch it so badly. every once in a while he crawls over to it and throws a tantrum! its sad but really cute!

and since i could not put my normal ornaments on my big tree i decided to put them into vases and decorate the piano. i love the colors of these ornaments, and usually they are intermixed with all of our other random crazy ornaments, but this year they stand alone.

it's not much, but everything that i've put up i LOVE, sometimes i wish i could leave my christmas decorations up all year long. they make me so happy. i should have put them up earlier, but i had to dig them out from behind a giant fishtank in our garage (i'll explain more in another post about the aquarium that we live in!!)



kristib said...

I love your colored sparkle trees and your ornaments in bowls! That's a great idea and would probably look better than our tree that's only decorated on the top third. Darn kids.

Nicole Shelby said...

It's beginning to look a lot like
Christmas...everywhere you go!

Very Jodi...very sheik (hm...sp?), ahem, I mean chic!

Looks like your ready for a rockin' Christmas.
Good Job, Jo

Jen said...

GREAT decorations!

I love the ornament bowls & sparkly trees! How festive!

Tricia said...

I too, love your ornaments in the bowls! And the trees! I wish I thought of cute things like that, I especially love the color.

I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!