Sunday, November 18, 2007

aidan's trying to walk

this is aidan's other newest trick, he is trying to walk -- no wait scratch that, he's trying to RUN. he holds onto the couch, turns around and runs at me until he falls flat on his face -- it's hillarious. (please excuse my behind which keeps getting in the way of the camera, i'm sorry!) also, please note after he spots the camera, and then is more interested in the camera instead of momma. crazy kid. he's been doing this for about 2 weeks now. the funny thing is he doesn't want help (you know how kids like to learn to walk while holding their parents' hands) nope, not this kid. he's independent, he'll pull himself up on anything, turn around and let go. and when he does he smiles so big. he's completely loving that he's getting to be a big boy. i think the most steps he's taken so far is around 6 or 7 ... but he's getting better.

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Nicole Shelby said...

He's trainin' for the baby-marathon...complete with his celeb smile for all the hot 18mo chickies (he loves the older ladies).
See ya' soon!