Wednesday, March 05, 2008

lost - the constant - 4.05

ok ... i totally stole this image and notes from a friend's blog, what an interesting idea!!

OK as you can see there are three objects depicted, the Island, Ship and Barrier. Now I have arranged them as I see them in my head, as a barrier around the island seperating the ship from it. I believe the following:
-The time is actually the same both on and off the island, represented by the real time radio transmissions that take place over the phones.
-The time difference observed by both the inbound rocket and outbound helicopter is actually caused by the crossing of this barrier.
-The crossing of the barrier is unnoticeable to those who cross it, but actually takes hours/days in real time.
-The helicopter took a day to cross, the rocket took 30mins. This time frame may be relative to the speeds at which they impact the barrier.
check out what paul levinson has to say about the episode, it's very interesting - mostly about desmond time traveling.

or check out this little lesson on physics and theories on time travel ... blows my mind! plus he mentions ender's game, actually children of the mind if we want to get specific and brings up faster-than-light-travel. i love that aspect of the book. such an interesting idea!
ok, and go read this screencap, i love how he parallels homer's "odyssey" of odysseus and penelope with the story of desmond and penny
"It might not be that every person needs a Constant. Maybe it's only people who have been subjected to emf radiation and who then come into contact with freaky time shield barriers around mystery islands who need Constants. But probably not. The power of this myth is that we all need a Constant, a person or an activity or even just an idea that means so much to us that it can keep our minds from falling through any unexpected "tear in the fabric in the space time continuum." The Constant that we need to avert this disaster is the magical healing power of Hope."
"This was as close to a perfect episode of Lost as we could hope for. It was tight. It made sense within the parameters of the fantasy we've signed up for. The acting was art. There was one particular moment of perfect grace. 2004 Desmond suddenly is reunited with his own self in the instant that he hears Penny's voice. In that same instant, 1996 Desmond smiles, knowing that the message he worked so hard to carry had landed, that Penny remembered. In that one moment, both moments in time united and became the same moment, folding along the same wrinkle in time." -- from the above screencap link.
ok, i'm done, i cannot read anymore recaps! but the last link i posted and quoted from was excellent and i HIGHLY recommend it (nikki, tell tj he needs to read this) i can't wait for the next episode tomorrow, love love love LOST!
oh and aidan didn't throw up at all today, HUZZAH!!!!


Nicole Shelby said...

huzzah for aidan.

hey, my theory is that the airline was actually in cohoots with the dharma initiative (or whoeversbehind it all). They helped with the crash and the coverup and everything. Hold on, i had the ideas all clear in my head, but can't seem to write it. Nevermind, i'll talk with you later.

Tricia said...

Ok, I watched one season, the 2nd season. Got totally hooked. Tried to watch the 3rd season, got totally, well, lost. ;)

I watch now and then, trying to piece it together, but I can never get it. And then Jason asks me questions, like I'm supposed to know the answer.

I would have given up long ago, if Matthew Fox weren't so eeeeeeasy on the eyes. lol.

Anonymous said...

Feeling quite UGLAY and fat..but ok...really ok.. I have gained TOO much I think... I better lay off the food a bit!! ;) HA!! Thanks for asking...We used to watch lost, but I SUCK at watching shows now.... :(