Tuesday, August 21, 2007

family pictures

we'll i've been missing in action because my sisters were in town for a week and a half visiting for my baby brother's wedding. here are some pictures from the fun
after amanda received her endowments at the los angeles temple. (left to right: nicole, me, amanda, scott, mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa)

my mom and me

aidan and me

aidan and his great-grandparents (on my mom's side)

all of the boys, aidan and my nephews adam and zachary

all of the kids (except isabelle) (from left to right: aidan, hannah, adam, zachary, abigal and claire)

my family, (from left to right: grandma, mom, dad, aidan, me, robby, abby, zachary, chris, heidi, grandpa, claire, amanda, scott, hannah, tj and nicole)

the couples (from left to right: robby, me, chris, heidi, amanda, scott, nicole and tj)

the men (from left to right: dad, robby, chris, scott, tj and grandpa)

the women (from left to right: amanda, me, mom, nicole, heidi and grandma)

the men and their sons (from left to right: chris and zachary, robby and aidan, tj and adam)


scott and amanda

aidan and me

hannah at the beach

robby and i with aidan, adam and hannah


the big girls (from left to right: hannah, abby and isabelle)

aidan and me -- his first time in the pool


Jen said...

How fun! & cute family!

RWest said...

Wow I don't think I have seen Heidi and the kids since you got married! They are getting so big. Time flies... thanks for sharing the pics.

Olive said...

Hi Jodi!

I was fishing through old comments and saw yours from this spring! I'm such an awful blogger! I should have stopped by then to say hi and thank you. I agree that Grey's was better when they were actual doctors not bed hopping fools. :) I'm enjoying your blog- and your sweet son is so adorable!

Nicole Shelby said...

Dang I take AWESOME pictures!

Hey - it's about time you updated as well woman!

I can't believe you checked out the minis...that's so cool!

And yep I'll bring up stamps if you want...any requests? (and don't just say bring 'em because you know I want to...i don't want to bring em if you don't want to play with them!)